When You’re No Longer There for Your Pets

The Sido Pet Protection Program offers security for cats and dogs who outlive their guardians

Ann Millikan with King Louis

Sido Pet Protection Program members Ann Millikan and King Louis

The SF SPCA offers a way for families to plan for their pets’ future. When pets outlive guardians, cats and dogs enrolled in the Sido Pet Protection Program are taken into the San Francisco SPCA for adoption.

They receive exceptional care and attention while we work to place them in a loving home, and those who adopt Sido animals receive two free years of veterinary care.

It all began with Sido, a dog condemned to die

The program was inspired by Sido, a dog the San Francisco SPCA helped save in 1980, when her guardian's will ordered she be put to death. At the time, the practice was not uncommon. Guardians worried about their animals’ fate after their death and viewed euthanasia as a mercy.

The SF SPCA led a statewide charge to pass legislation that spared Sido’s life and ultimately, made it illegal for anyone to order an animal destroyed in a will.

These were landmark decisions in the cause of animal welfare in California and beyond.

How to join the Sido program

Pet guardians may enroll their cats and dogs in the Sido Pet Protection Program by making a gift of $10 per month or $120 annually per pet. Participants also join our Legacy Society by naming SF SPCA as beneficiary in their will, trust, life insurance policy, retirement, or donor advised fund account, allowing us to carry on a tradition of serving pets in need.

Take comfort in a plan for your pets

East Bay residents George and Ann Millikan came to pet guardianship late in life. They adopted a beautiful tabby cat from the San Francisco SPCA, and promptly fell in love. Never having cared for an animal, Ann signed up to volunteer at the shelter and immersed herself in training classes. “That’s when I found out about the Sido program,” she said.

“I was taking a weekend class and they told me the program would take care of Madeline.” A devoted pet guardian, Ann had considered the possibility her beloved cat might outlive her, and the program offered the peace of mind she was searching for.

Since joining the Sido program, the Millikans have added to their Sido family: a luxurious tuxedo Maine Coon, Cashmere Venus, and a feisty Chihuahua- terrier mix named King Louis. “We treasure the furry members of our family, and we wish to support the Sido program with our own treasure from our living trust and monthly donations,” said Ann.

“During our last years of living, we are delighted that the Sido program will care for our pets in finding new homes when that time comes.”

To learn more about the San Francisco SPCA Sido Pet Protection and how to include a gift in your estate plan to the San Francisco SPCA. contact Director of Planned Giving June Hom at (415) 430-3251 or jhom@sfspca.org.