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The San Francisco SPCA's Sido Program

Sido ProgramThe San Francisco SPCA's Sido Program offers an innovative way to plan now for your pets' future, so animal companions will be cared for should they outlive their owners.

The Sido Program was named for Sido, a charming mixed breed tan and white dog. Over 30 years ago, the SF SPCA led the charge to save the life of Sido, who was condemned to die in her owner's will. The SF SPCA helped pass legislation specifically aimed at saving Sido's life and obtained a court ruling which stated that it is illegal for a person to order a dog destroyed in a will. These were landmark decisions in the cause of animal rights in California.

Many people don't have a trusted, willing friend or relative to appoint as guardian for their pet. They worry about what will happen to their pet when they pass away. Enrolling your pet in the Sido Program provides you with peace of mind about the fate of your pet.

When their owner dies, dogs and cats enrolled in the Sido Program are taken into the SF SPCA's Adoption Program where they receive loving care and attention while we work to place them in the best possible home.

To receive Sido Program enrollment information and pet biography forms, please contact Director of Planned Giving June Hom at (415) 430-3251 or

How to enroll in the Sido Program

  • Complete the Sido Program Pet Biography forms. The information you supply will help the SF SPCA provide your pet with the best possible home. Get the Sido Form for Cats or the Sido Form for Dogs.
  • Send the original forms to the SF SPCA and keep a copy with your will or trust. You may update or change the information at any time.
  • Designate a friend, relative or the trustee/executor of your estate to act as an interim caretaker who can bring your pet to the SF SPCA.
  • Provide an annual gift of significance to the SF SPCA upon enrolling your pet into the Sido Program. This is a meaningful gift that, each year is renewable. These gifts support our Sido Program in our Adoption Center and Shelter Medicine Department.
  • Name the SF SPCA in your will or trust as a beneficiary. A legacy gift ensures the future for all homelss animals. You do not need to disclose your estate plans, but only confirm that you wish to become a part of the SF SPCA's Legacy Society. As a new member you will be welcomed and honored with an annual tea held each Spring.
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